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Used Vauxhall Zafira for sale from dealers across the country

Hundreds of used Vauxhall Zafira for sale from across the main dealer network. Just take a look and see what used Vauxhall Zafira's you can find.

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Enhanced versatility the Vauxhall used Zafira is great to drive and great to be seen driving. If you want to go for a combination of great looks with practical flexibility, choose this flexible 7 seat Family MPV.

There are some fantastic option available on this model, so keep your eye out for options that may have been fitted to some used Zafira, in particular the tyre pressure monitoring system that for a £99 option can save you the price of running a tyre flat and having it replaced.

Other options like Flex ride are particularly good when running 18",19" and 20" alloy wheels and you can make the car run softer on the road or much harder if you are down some twisty roads. On some models this option also changes the colour of the dash from white to red.

Sat Nav is a good option to have but not for the navigation alone but all the other connectivity it includes for you phone and iPod. I've never been impressed with the NAV itself, and always preferred TOMTOM. Hopefully at some point they will integrate this into the car instead like some other manufacturers.

The adaptive forward lighting is fantastic, and option I really like and would miss if I did not have. It's very intelligent with it changing how it uses the light in different conditions. Driving at night when raining, the car points the lights more towards the sides of the road at speeds below 40 MPH and as you speed up it bring the bean towards the centre.

Front and rear parking sensors are not an essential, but they do make you life easier and you miss them when you don't have them. The ones on the Zafira are very good and it can get you within 5 inches of a wall if parking it tight.

The 1.9 CDTi offering very good economy at 54 MPG on a long run and 47 MPG on a normal day to day run. The figures that are listed by Vauxhall only really become reality once you've gone past about 5,000 miles and just keeps on getting better. Once i had done in the region of 20,000 the car became far more economical, like all the Vauxhall diesel models I've tried and driven.
Event though the 1.6 petrol engine can be very cheap to buy, it's pretty gutless to drive and needs to be revved hard to try an overtake.

Again like the Astra, the build quality is a large improvement so much so you would not think it was a Vauxhall anymore. The switch gear is very well planned and feels solid to switch. If your previous car was a the old shape Zafira you will be very pleased with the design and layout.

The seats are very comfortable, but my preference is the Vauxhall Astra seats as these seem more comfortable for long distances. Both models have the extendable leg support which is recommended to reach the back of your knee's.

If you are looking to something more modern, try considering the new Zafira Tourer which has a hole heap of new features.

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